Compliance Call Center

a TR Anton Company


What is a complinace hotline?
It is a simple to use interactive phone or web-based system that allows your employees to anonymously report theft, fraud, safety issues or misconduct in the workplace. Every report is thoroughly documented, evaluated and followed up on by our expert staff, so that real issues can be identified and addressed before they become unmanageable problems. Read more about it here...
Why do you need one?
The simple truth is you can't be everywhere at once, and problems do occur. As your organization grows so do issues such as fraud and theft, unintentional safety violations and general employee misconduct. A top-notch reporting system reduces the risk of your employees seeking resolution from outside 3rd parties. This reduces your potential liability and encourages internal cohesion and resolution management. Often times a problem that is simple to solve in its early stages can be dealt with before it becomes complex and costly. Read more on the benefits of a reporting system...
Training, Docs, and Support
Even the best system is useless if your employees are not aware of it and trained in how and what to report. With this in mind we offer a wide range of documentation and training included with your annual fee. Our award-winning training is AB1825 compliant and offers a certificate of completion for those companies that need it. All of our staff is trained in dealing with a wide range of typical employee issues in a courteous and professional manner.