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About TR Anton Incorporated… Since 1982 our firm has acted on behalf of the employer as its employment practice “risk manager.” Our services are unique in that our approach to human resources first begins with a legal defense perspective. With the ever increasing myriad of potential employee law suits and claims against an employer resulting from the employer-employee relationship, by providing our services from a legal defense perspective, we have time and time again proved to our clients that we have the most superior risk management strategy and the most effective first line of defense against wrongful termination lawsuits, unlawful workplace behavior claims, sexual harassment lawsuits, unfair employee treatment or discrimination, retaliation, Americans with Disabilities Act claims, wage and hour claims and class action suits, denial of legislative benefits claims, unemployment claims, on and on. In today’s economy, with all the possible legal claims and options available to your employees or former employees, and In order to manage your company’s risk from those claims, our firm takes control over the employer-employee relationship and keeps that control by establishing and administering your Company’s employment practice policies and procedures in accordance with complex and ever-changing federal and state law.